Our Mission

Our mission is to bring to the client an extraordinary experience, always in search of inovation and added value. We believe that our empoyes our clients and all our collborators always deserve the best. For this reason we are devoted to a continuous improement. ProMarketing is established by a consolidated group that works more and more everyday with proper management and technological skills

Company History

Promarketing is part of the Gjonaj Group Holldings, an integral part of the Group Company such as Infotelecom, Digicom, MACTAL, iReplace, MACOM.
Promarketing was established in September 2011 as a telemarketing company.
Promarketing as a company within the group counts the highest number of employees on 1000 employees and 7 offices.

  • ProMarketing was established in september of 2011 and had been having a continuous raising, either in terms of resources or assets.

  • As a matter of fact, in November of 2012, another office was added to the initial one, that today works as headquortes.

  • In August of 2013 we have obtained the Prom2 office in "Muhamet Gjollesha" street. In November 2013 we obtained the third office, located in Elbasan

  • In September of 2014 the fourth office, located in Berat was obtained. Actually we have 450 posts in all the offices and the raising is continuous. Within the years ProMarketing has been rising, integrating within itself new strucures

  • Promarketing during 2015 continues to grow, adding an another office, Prom6 Street: Pjeter Budi "Student City"

  • In 2015 ProMarketing expand a office in Italy

  • The increase is due to the establishment of a new branch in Itlaly, Salerno, being so the 7-th branch of Promarketing.