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PROMARKETING staff trained on Data Protection Awareness

The PROMARKETING staff participated in the “Data Protection Awareness” training, organized by Gjonaj Group Academy. This training comes as a part of the company’s strategy to apply the latest professional, legal, and technical standards. Also, this is a necessity in the business market and a standard in the services that we offer to our clients.

Data Protection is one of the most important topics for every business organization nowadays. It guarantees the highest possible security for all the data processed by the companies, especially those related to the client.

Data Protection is very important on three levels: at the personal level of every employee, at the level of the company, and at the level of the business partners and customers. The staff of PROMARKETING was presented with the latest legal and technical regulations and insights.

This was the first training session for PROMARKETING, followed by another session on the topic of Communication in the Business.

Gjonaj Group Academy is a body within the Gjonaj Group Holdings, which offers training and business lectures to the staff and has collaboration with two universities in Albania. 

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